Friday, November 1, 2013

The Other Side of Texas

Since so many of my old friends from Nebraska and other parts of the planet have never been here to visit, and since there will be a lot of focus on Dallas over the next week as we commemorate the 50th anniversary of Kennedy's assassination this month,  I am posting about the place that we have called home for the past several years, Denton, just north of Dallas.

The images of Texas conjured up by team names such as Rangers, Cowboys and the Mavericks belie the fact that Texans also started  such enterprises as the  Susan J. Komen Foundation, and the National Cowgirl Museum. And, whereas, Alaska can claim the originator of the "maverick" misnomer, Sarah Palin, Fort Worth is represented in the state legislator by Wendy Davis who has stood up to say no to the overwhelmingly male dominated legislature, in regarding women's reproductive health.

So my posts will include images of the other Texas, the one I have experienced locally.
Here is where we live, on the northwest tip of Lake Lewisville just outside Denton.
Welcome to my neighborhood!

Home Sweet Home

Boat House across the road, with Landlady, Dana Binnion

Side view Boathouse

Lake in front of boathouse

Huge ammonite fossil in our chimney, spiral symbol of creativity sole us on this place.

My room  sans my office.



  1. Relaxing and rural. That's hard to find these days!

  2. You have such a unique neighborhood on the lake! It's nice to see neighbors expressing themselves and appreciating each other