Sunday, November 10, 2013

Connecting Art to Math

Click on the orange Art and Math Animoto Video link above. It is  produced from the work of my Essentials of Art class at Texas Women's University and demonstrates how students can use the constraints of design and geometry to create fun and beautiful work. My elementary education majors are exploring how Art relates to other subjects that are part of the curriculum they will be teaching.

Oh, yes the Blue Willow tile table at the end is mine, and was inspired by the story on the plates, the beautiful cobalt blue tiles and Tangrams!

For more about arts integration you might want to view this

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  1. I told my new friend Hiroko (?) about your blog and your trip to Japan. We had a good conversation about the difference between public education in the two countries. I bet she would love it you did a post on your trip ten years ago! She studied at Osaka and is from a small prefecture called "Shiya."