Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Engaging Homelessness

Students in Therapeutic Arts class at Texas Christian University embraced the challenges of homelessness in various ways. These journal pages reflect the Brown Bag Challenge, asking them to carry their essential belongings in a brown bag for a week-end. 


We visited the Day Resource Center on East Lancaster Fort Worth and learned about the services they offer to their homeless clients that make their existence more comfortable, with the end goal of helping them to find affordable housing.  We learned about a normalizing musical event held monthly at the center called Cyber St. CafĂ©. Students then engaged some of the clients in a mosaic-making project at a nearby facility called Feed By Grace.


Students are planning a return visit to complete the  mosaic sign with some of their new friends at the center. Upon completion it will mark the center's stage for their monthly free concerts.

Special Thanks to Diane McClure for her photography.

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